Empire Mods
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quick news
July 18, 2002: Borg cube update is coming out in a week or two- a new b5 mod is nearly done but needs textures.

Welcome to our new site. it is much better i think from the old one.

JUNE 9, 2002- well the site is coming along great. i should have some downlaods on it soon and get other links up. the forum is one and needs people. the projects link shoudl be up today too.

JUNE 11, 2002- well i added a chat room today. i am also going to update many of the pages so keep watching.

JUNE 13, 2002- well right now my state is in a heat wave so it is hot as hell.well now for the news. empiremods is still getting the site up. also we are going to start on some freespace mods for bc. hope you will have fun with them.

JUNE 23, 2002- ok i got a new base in game. it is a borg hub. i will post some pics in the new projects section of the site. you can also see some pics on the bridge commander forum.

JUNE 29, 2002- OK well empiremods first official mod is nearly ready. it is a borg hub and should be in the projects page soon.

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